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Authentic Asset Management Inc. is a Canadian financial services firm established in Toronto in 2014. It is independently owned and operated and regulated as a Portfolio Manager in various Canadian provinces including Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, & New Brunswick.

Authentic is usually engaged at pivotal moments by financial institutions, families, businesspeople, retirees, entrepreneurs. Clients partner with us to assess the current state, envisage the future, and deliver the appropriate solution, whether big or small.

We help people make informed financial decisions based on consequences according to values over time frames ranging from days to months to years.

There are critical moments when financial decisions need to be made. Authentic can be relied upon to assess the present, envisage the future, and deliver the appropriate solution, whether big or small.

“Trust is our currency!” and we strive to build long term relationships on Trust & Integrity!

Our Company

Vision & Values


To be the experienced trusted hand that people turn to, especially in their pivotal moments of need.


We are dedicated to getting Clients moving towards their desired future state.


  • People Matter
  • Trust
  • Always Being Authentic

From the Founder

Duncan Webster, CFA

With over three decades of investment experience under my belt, including leadership roles at CIBC & Allianz, I founded Authentic to revolutionize the way we approach strategic consulting and personal finance. Whether you are an individual looking for tailored advice or a financial institution seeking to optimize strategies and manage change, we are here to guide you with unparalleled insight an dedication.

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