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“Quite simply, we love what we do! Striving to do the right things is our core commitment to Clients. Our founding vision is to be a compelling place where satisfied Clients and innovative investment solutions intersect. We embed our unique global portfolio expertise into an exclusive suite of products to serve forward-looking institutions and private Clients. 

Duncan B. Webster, Founder

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Our Services

Portfolio Management
Innovative global & alternative investing for institutional and private wealth Clients.

Consultancy (upon request)
Investment strategy & processes, asset allocation, team-building.

Our Team

Unique, Global
Authentic’s investment team has a unique breadth of global investment experience and thought leadership,
with a profound respect for the dynamic nature of value and risk.

Our team effort is rooted in a deep understanding & an insatiable curiosity of what makes global markets tick.

Christian Fournier1
Christian Fournier
Portfolio Manager

Tactical positioning & risk protection.

Eric Green2
Dr. Eric Green
Portfolio Manager

Client relationships & research platform.

Duncan Webster1
Duncan B. Webster
Portfolio Manager, CEO

Strategic positioning & Firm direction.

Our Approach

Authentic’s Beliefs
Experienced thoughtfulness pays off.

Authentic’s Process
Internal analysis & active management.

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Our Products

Authentic creates investment portfolios consistent with
the objectives and risk parameters
of each of our Clients.

We use a mix of core holdings, cash and timely exposures to various instruments
to both hedge and capture changing perceptions of risk and value.

Global Equity

Selective portfolios of typically 10-30 stocks with discretionary cash allocations based on opportunities and risks.

Clients usually seek a 5-6% return net of fees, with a lower risk profile than an equity index.

Min. account size 100-250k

High Income

Selective portfolios of typically 10-30 strategies seeking income generation driven by corporate and macro events.

Clients usually seek a 10% return net of fees, with a low correlation to an equity index.

Min. account size 500k-1m


Selective portfolios that blend Global Equity and High Income. Margin account borrowing enables the two components.

Clients usually seek a blended 8% return net of fees, with improved risk characteristics.

Min. account size 500k-1m

Global Macro

Selective portfolios of diverse securities typically pursuing a half dozen market themes through active positioning.

Clients usually seek a high return net of fees, with a high tolerance for interim downside.

Min. account size 500k-1m

Spotlight on High Income

Driven by Events
Corporate situations, macro events.

Extracting Value
From time, mispricings, risk.

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Our Clients

Clients own their own separate accounts
Full transparency & client access.

Principal investment objectives
Capital appreciation, income, wealth preservation.

Account types – cash or margin
Individual, joint, retirement, trust, holding company, institutional.

We opened up a global equity account to be managed by Authentic.
Things have gone well.
We have since opened a second joint account. 

Retired engineer & spouse

Authentic is managing a global stock portfolio for my family. 
They focus on companies and sectors where I was previously under-invested.   


Having Authentic constantly assess risk and providing innovative investment solutions during a global pandemic was comforting.

IT professionals

My wife and I have a joint account with Authentic. 
They use innovative strategies to generate high income. 

Professional investor

I would ideally like to see my retirement savings grow about 5% per year with less volatility than the Canadian stock market over time.
So far so good. Great client service too. 

Project manager

Most of my investments are in real estate and my portfolio with Authentic acts as a helpful liquid diversifier.


Consulting assignment to review CIO Group
capabilities and determine future-state needs.

Top 40 global pension plan

Why Authentic

We offer something different
Thoughtful active strategies targeting Client objectives.

Ideal market environment for Authentic
Traditional portfolios are not likely to cut it in the decade ahead.

Alignment of Interests

  • Client is the priority, not the shareholder
  • Client satisfaction, not fee maximization
  • Focus, execution and access, not bureaucracy
  • We succeed when  you do

Client Solutions

  • You know how, why and where your money is working
  • A unique suite of portfolio product solutions
  • Full access to managed account held in your name
  • Risk and objectives well articulated

Direct Communication

  • You deal directly with fiduciaries managing your investments
  • There is no intermediary, no sales person
  • Frequent sharing of performance, ideas and perspectives
  • Full transparency

Seasoned Team

  • Unlimited access to our ideas, strategies
  • Global investment framework provides opportunity, diversity
  • Shared vision of service and integrity
  • Expertise looking to profit in all cycles

Become a Client

The right Clients

        The right Atmosphere

                The right Dialogue

                        The right Portfolio Manager

Onboarding steps:

Get-to-know-you discussion
Determine objectives and what suits
Agree, open account, we get going

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