AUTHENTIC strives to holistically and pragmatically knit together the right Clients with AUTHENTIC as the right Portfolio Manager and the right Dialogue between us. 

This is the ideal triumvirate for enabling the mutual understanding of objectives, risks, and outcomes.


Suitable for select thriving individuals and institutions

If you:

Have substantial assets to invest

Are friendly and value personal relationships

Value having deep knowledge, expertise and enterprise on your side

Are enthusiastic about life and lifelong learning

Believe in the future and want to grow

Enjoy helping others and thinking of the next generation

Then, you could very well be the right Client!

Striving to meet Client objectives

Authentic Asset Management Inc.

AUTHENTIC Asset Management Inc. was conceived in 2014/15 by the Firm’s principal, Duncan B. Webster to help fill a void in the Canadian financial services marketplace.

There is a notable shortage of quality global investment management being manufactured in Canada. Innovation and entrepreneurial enterprise are stifled by the regulated oligopoly structure of Canadian banks and insurance companies.

Through their distributive pervasiveness, they currently “control” most of the assets of Canadians, with some product offerings that may increasingly appear to be uncompetitively priced. A primary success metric for these wealth management behemoths is the maximization of their sales revenues and customer fees. Client satisfaction may at times be a lower priority.

AUTHENTIC’s aim is to bring robust international investment acumen and best practices directly to Canadians for their benefit. The Firm is relationship based, not faceless, with a duty to Clients and their assets, not just an agent with limited expertise. We are not a robo-advisory service, and don’t act like one. We also do not tolerate conflicts of interest.

At AUTHENTIC, we just put Clients first.

Trust is our currency.

Duncan B. Webster

At AUTHENTIC, Client portfolios are stewarded by the Firm’s principal, Duncan B. Webster. He is a champion of high performance cultures in wealth management & capital markets. Duncan takes an experienced hands-on approach to portfolio management, striving to align portfolio performance with Client expectations. Duncan lived and worked for over 20 years in Europe for financial services companies with premiere global client bases. In Canada, he has lived in four provinces and is settled in Toronto. Duncan is excited to bring his knowledge of multinational investment frameworks, and his experiences with premiere global institutional clients, to fully serve Clients of AUTHENTIC here in Canada.