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AUTHENTIC Event Driven Fund L.P.

Target return 10% net of fees
Target volatility 10%
Low correlation to equities anticipated

The Fund is available to institutional and individual accredited investors. The Fund is domiciled and managed in Canada, and subject as applicable, to Canadian tax laws.  

Trading Advisor: Authentic Asset Management Inc. / Gestion D’actifs Authentic Inc.

Investment Fund Manager: Innocap Investment Management Inc.

Custodian/Prime Broker: TD

Bank: Scotia

Fund Administrator: Apex

Fund Auditor: PwC

Fund Type: Open-ended

Valuation: Net Asset Value calculated daily

Subscription Period: Daily

Redemption Period: Within 30 days upon receipt of notification

Management/Performance Fees: 1%/20%

Inception: Strategy commenced Nov. 01, 2020, Fund commenced May 01, 2022

Currency: CAD

Review Private Offering Memorandum

Complete Subscription Agreement

Transfer funds to the Fund’s bank, receive shares in the Fund


AUTHENTIC Global Equity - Active Allocation

Target return 6% net of fees
Lower volatility than equity market anticipated

The strategy is available to individual and institutional investors on a separately managed account basis. It is suitable for taxable investment accounts and RRSP accounts. It is available to Canadian investors resident in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, BC, Alberta and New Brunswick.

Portfolio Manager: Authentic Asset Management Inc. / Gestion D’actifs Authentic Inc. 

Custodian/Broker-Dealer: Interactive Brokers Canada Inc., a New SRO (formerly IIROC) regulated Dealer Member

Account Type: Investment or RRSP account in the name of the Client

Valuation: Net Asset Value calculated real-time by the Dealer, with online account access available directly to the Client

Subscription Period: Client can credit funds to the account daily

Redemption Period: Client request to debit funds is processed as soon as practicable

Management/Performance Fees: 1%/20%

Inception: Model portfolio (RRSP account) commenced Jan. 25, 2017

Currency: CAD, USD, others upon request

Complete an online application with Interactive Brokers Canada Inc. to open an individual, joint, corporate, investment or retirement account

Sign documents for AUTHENTIC to manage the account

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