Authentic Asset Management Inc. ("AUTHENTIC") is an independent, privately owned investment company incorporated under the laws of Canada.  The Firm is a registered Portfolio Manager in Alberta, BC, Ontario and Quebec, a registered Commodity Trading Manager in Ontario, and a registered Derivatives Portfolio Manager in Quebec. The Firm's principal securities regulator is the Ontario Securities Commission.

The Firm's principal, Duncan B. Webster, B.Comm., M.Sc., CFA, FCSI, has a unique breadth and depth of international experience.  He has spent his 25+ year career assessing global opportunities and constructing sound investment strategies that utilize multiple asset classes and instruments. He likes people too.

AUTHENTIC is a Member of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada (PMAC).


Authentic Asset Management Inc.'s vision is to be a compelling global asset management company, renowned for high levels of Client satisfaction.

AUTHENTIC believes that an appropriate atmosphere between Clients and the Firm is of paramount importance for mutual understanding and success. AUTHENTIC is the right portfolio management choice for a select group of thriving individuals and institutions who share that belief. AUTHENTIC works holistically and pragmatically to ensure the right fit and the right dialogue with its Clients.

AUTHENTIC believes that a humanistic approach to business is the most rewarding. In our Client relationships, we are committed to our core values of being thoughtful, trustworthy, and driven, as we draw on our Mind, our Heart, and our Hands.

AUTHENTIC’s mottos are: "Inspired Global Investing" and "Trust is Our Currency".


Authentic Asset Management Inc.’s primary business activity is portfolio management.
The Firm provides institutional quality asset management products and services to high and ultra-high net worth private Clients and institutional Clients. Client accounts are managed on a discretionary basis where the principal investment objective is typically capital appreciation through wide-ranging investments.

AUTHENTIC has been structured as an active investment manager able to align with Client interests. The Firm is oriented towards a dynamic, multi-strategy approach to investing. A typical Client account is proactively managed with explainable investment strategies that can include exposures in global stock, bond, currency, commodity, and derivatives markets.

The Firm can structure portfolios for Clients to seek absolute returns at target levels on a risk-controlled basis.


Authentic Asset Management Inc. focusses its efforts on two areas of value creation.

Firstly, the Firm strives to enable a mutual understanding of investment objectives, risks, and possible outcomes. The importance of this cannot be understated.  Secondly, AUTHENTIC strives to create value through the investment management of Client portfolios.

AUTHENTIC believes that investment opportunities vary as market forces change, that there is a payoff available to thoughtful investment strategies and timely market exposures, and that a flexible, proactive approach to investing can deliver satisfying portfolio performance.

The Firm strives to have a competitive edge with a unique breadth and depth of investments than can extend across regions and asset classes. The Firm seeks to invest with strategy confidence by being a step ahead in market anticipation. The Firm is accustomed to active management as risk/reward conditions in the marketplace shift.