AUTHENTIC's Universe of Capabilities

Breadth and depth of global opportunities

Product Depth

AUTHENTIC is able to invest and trade in a wide variety of products globally, including:

cash and equivalents, equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities, derivatives, other

Breadth of Applications

All products may be applied to:

investment, trading and speculation, hedging and risk management purposes

Additional Account Options

Some Client Accounts are enabled to:

engage in short sales and securities lending, leverage the assets by buying or selling securities on margin, and borrowing


AUTHENTIC’s 3 Categories of Investment Strategies

Diverse positions to source returns

Strategic Investments

AUTHENTIC establishes core portfolio holdings by taking outright positions in assets. Positions are typically held for more than 3 months, seeking return from a directional move in prices and other possible payoffs.

Tactical Trades

AUTHENTIC makes long and short tactical trades that opportunistically seek to profit from directional market moves, principally in foreign exchange, interest rate, equity and commodity markets. These tactical exposures are typically shorter term positions expected to close at any time from the same day to within one month.

Relative Value Positions

AUTHENTIC takes relative value positions principally in the interest rate and equity markets that seek to profit by capturing price convergence and divergence between instruments or groups of instruments through spread trades.


AUTHENTIC's Competitive Edge

Four-step investment process

→ Monitor the global environment to distinguish market-influencing factors

 → Develop a proprietary outlook

→ Identify investment opportunities

→ Construct positions and exposures for Client portfolios.

AUTHENTIC is oriented towards a dynamic, multi-strategy investment approach with a unique breadth and depth of investments across regions and asset classes.

By primarily following this four-step investment process, AUTHENTIC strives to invest with strategy confidence by being a step ahead in market anticipation. The Firm is accustomed to active management on a top-down as well as bottom-up basis, as risk/reward conditions in the marketplace shift.