The opportunity thesis of AUTHENTIC is based on 3 core beliefs

1. Investment opportunities vary as market forces change

AUTHENTIC believes that various combinations of macro-economic, geo-political and micro-economic forces drive global financial markets and that investment opportunities vary as themes within the financial markets unfold.

2. A payoff is available to those who utilize thoughtful investment strategies and timely market exposures

AUTHENTIC believes that the markets are reasonably efficient and rational and yet still price securities in a manner where future price revisions can be profitably anticipated.


3. A flexible, proactive approach to investing can deliver superior portfolio performance

AUTHENTIC believes that superior portfolio performance demands that portfolios are actively managed, not statically held. High performing portfolios are adjusted to evolving capital markets conditions to improve the risk/reward profile as investment return predictions and attitudes towards risk change.


AUTHENTIC's Commitment to Clients

We strive to do the right things

Clients First
Superior investment performance

High satisfaction

Align With Our Clients
Manage Client money like our own

The same strategies, the same costs

Structure to Enable Success
Market access and portfolio flexibility to pursue profitable strategies

Equipped to deliver targeted returns on a risk-controlled basis


AUTHENTIC's 3 Dominant Style Characteristics

Enabling investment returns

Actively Assess Opportunities
AUTHENTIC employs what it deems critical to high performing portfolios: good judgement of financial pricing, context and time frame, innovative thinking, global experience, hard work, and discipline
Dynamically Seek the Right Balance
AUTHENTIC is highly attuned to the tension between portfolio diversification, investing with conviction, and optimizing the reward relative to risk of Client portfolios
Constantly Monitor Risks
AUTHENTIC thinks through scenarios holistically, cognizant that risks and risk premiums vary substantially in type, character and magnitude over time, and that characteristics can change very suddenly