◊  I am a millennial growing and changing the country.

◊  I am a Baby Boomer who makes things happen.

◊  I am a successful business professional.

◊  I am, or a spouse or parent is, or was, a business owner.

◊  I am a woman leading a high net worth household.

◊  I have wealth credited to immigration.

◊  I am responsible for a substantial accumulation of family wealth.

◊  I am retired and thinking beyond my own lifetime.

◊  I am responsible for an institution seeking inspired global investing.

◊  I may be interested over time in investing to have a social impact.



∞  More trust and confidence in my wealth management providers

∞  The real deal managing my money towards my investment objectives

∞  Expert advice from an institutional-strength professional investor

∞  A higher standard of care, international experience and best practices

∞  Open to a more global approach, not just traditional Canadian assets

∞  Appetite for capital appreciation, not just wealth preservation

∞  Investment better tailored to my needs and risk appetite

∞  Transparency and straight talk from my financial advisor/asset manager

∞  Favour more pay-for-performance fee models

∞  A more enjoyable and satisfying financial advisory relationship

∞  Delighted to support a focused independent globally-minded Canadian asset management company over a traditional financial "supermarket" behemoth


Ask yourself:  

How well does my financial advisor/asset manager really understand...

⇒  My aspirations and life path trajectory?

⇒  My investment objectives?

⇒  My risk tolerance levels?

⇒  My overall wealth position and outlook?

⇒  My extended family considerations?

⇒  My retirement income, trust and estate plans?

⇒  My service expectations?


⇐ My wealth is overly concentrated at a large Canadian financial "supermarket"

⇐ My personal circumstances have changed

⇐ A wealth transfer is in process in the family

⇐ Circumstances at my advisor/asset manager are changing, such as retirement

⇐ Poor investment performance, poor quality of service, poor speed of response, operational issues/errors, the list goes on...

⇐ My advisor's incentives are not aligned with my own: high fees, low value for money

⇐ Lack of personal connection


Statements such as these need to be banished:

×  "My current advisor doesn't really understand my financial position and expectations, let alone be able to satisfy my preferences."

×  "The more I think about it, my current advisor and my investments were not proactively selected by me for the right reasons."

×  "My money just ended up being managed at the place related to where I have my bank accounts / insurance policies."

×  "Taking a closer look, it appears that the qualifications of my current financial advisor/asset manager are astonishingly thin."